SalTec International, Inc. (“SalTec”), a growth-oriented project development company, is dedicated to owning and operating midstream energy infrastructure assets in the United States and Mexico, with a current focus on the use of solution-mined caverns in salt formations for hydrocarbon storage and waste management in Mexico’s growing energy hub, Coatzacoalcos, Vercruz, Mexico.

Beyond hydrocarbon storage and waste management projects, SalTec intends to use its nearly 20 years of energy sector experience in Mexico to build a platform focused on midstream energy projects, including gathering pipelines, transmission pipelines, gas processing, fractionation and other midstream services. SalTec believes that it is well-positioned to capitalize on midstream opportunities created by recent Mexico Energy Reform and the participation of private capital in the Mexican energy industry. Accordingly, SalTec has established a strategic partnership with PC Capital, a Mexico City-based investment and project development firm, to develop midstream and power generation infrastructure in Mexico.