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08/29/19Cenagas to Expand Natural Gas Inventory (El Norte) - PDF
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10/19/18Cydsa closes on credit for 157 million dollars (El Fincanciero) - PDF
(Artículo en español) - PDF
10/18/18Gas shortages in southern Mexico to reach critical levels in November (PDF)
07/14/18Underground Storage of Hydrocarbons, Diversification for Cydsa (El Economista) - PDF
(Artículo en español) - PDF
06/12/1813 Companies Interested in Gas Storage (El Norte) - PDF
(Artículo en español) - PDF
03/23/18Cydsa Will Invest US300 Million in Energy Sector (El Economista) - PDF
(Artículo en español) - PDF
03/23/18Cydsa Goes For the Business of Storing Natural Gas (El Financiero) - PDF
(Artículo en español) - PDF
03/23/18Cydsa Will Invest US $300 Million This Year (El Norte) - PDF
(Artículo en español) - PDF
12/11/17Mexico's First Salt Cavern LPG Storage Site Begins Operations - Natural Gas World (PDF)
04/28/17Cydsa Prepares Hydrocarbon Storage (El Norte) - PDF
(Artículo en español) - PDF
04/27/17Cydsa’s EBITDA grows 57.5% (El Norte) - PDF
(Artículo en español) - PDF
01/13/17Pemex: Lack of Investment for Storage (El Universal) - PDF
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12/31/16Long Gas Lines, Price Hike Mar Holiday Season in Mexico (AP)
12/06/16Investors Rush to New Pemex U.S. Dollar Bond Deal (Reuters)
12/05/16Mexico Oil Auction Succeeds in Drawing World’s Biggest Drillers (Bloomberg)
11/30/16Mexico's PEMEX to Open Logistics System to Third Parties in February (
11/21/16Why Mexico’s Oil Reform Is A Huge Opportunity For Investors (
11/15/16Mexico’s Midstream Operator CENAGAS to Invest More Than $7.5 Billion By 2020 (Oil & Gas 360) (PDF)
09/13/16Pemex Returns with Bond Deal After Long Hiatus (Reuters)
07/28/16Fitch Affirms Mexico at 'BBB+'; Outlook Stable (Businesswire)
07/22/16Pemex, First Reserve Close to Deal Worth at Least $500 mln (Reuters)
07/08/16KKR’s Mexican Oil Deal Kicks Off New Era in Funding for Pemex (Bloomberg) - PDF
07/07/16Pemex Sees Oil Output Boost From Looming Joint Ventures (Reuters)
03/24/16Mexico LPG Storage Cavern to Start up in April 2017 (
10/28/15 Opening Up Mexico’s LPG Market (RBN Energy Blog)
12/18/14Cydsa 50% Return Surpasses Petrochemical Peers: Corporate Mexico (Bloomberg) - PDF
12/17/14Mexico to Get Its First LPG Underground Storage (